Field Trips and Summer Programs

My School sponsors various trips and events that expose the students to new experiences throughout the year. We keep a list of re-occuring favorites and think of new ways to introduce knowledge and adventure into their lives.

  • Apple Picking
  • Paxamicus Theater
  • Theme-Based Weeks
Daily Snacks

Included in all our programs are healthy snacks offered to students twice a day.

Programs & Pricing

Day Care Rates Daily Weekly
Infant / Toddler $43.00 $215.00
2-Year Old $39.00 $195.00
3,4,5-Year Old $37.00 $185.00
Before OR After Kindergarten   $115.00
Before AND After Kindergarten   $135.00
Before School   $50.00
Before AND After School   $100.00

$10 weekly discount for second pre-school child enrolled in full week day care.

Nursery School Rates (8:30 - 11:30 am) Monthly
Two Days Per Week $150.00
Three Days Per Week $190.00

Contact us for half-day and temporary rates!

All programs require a $50 registration fee


We welcome you to come visit us and see our program in action. We can then fully answer all of your questions and you can see how we interact with the children in our care.

Contact Us

Telephone: 973-697-3341